“Our Passion is to provide professional healthcare to everyone, everywhere”


Charine Glen Spyron

CEO of Uni-health


Our Lynx mobile application offers virtual consultation with an integrated Health Information System for all registered healthcare practitioners.


Implementation, program development and service provision for large organization.


We do feasibility studies, registration, set-up, and management for both brick-and-mortar hospitals and virtual hospitals.


We provide services via our network of registered psychologist, psychological counsellors, and social workers.

How We Got Started

Uni-Health is a 100% Namibian female owned company founded in 2020.

Uni-Health provides decentralised  Mental Health services via the Lynx HCF (EMRS) to clients across Namibia and South Africa.

Through our Med Tech (Qode) and Ed Tech (PSS) partners, and with a network of HPCNA registered private health care practitioners, we ensure that confidentiality and quality of services are always a priority.

Uni-Health is passionate about academic development and works in collaboration with the UNAM (University of Namibia) Social work and Psychology departments via the Unicorn foundation. 

Uni-Health is also a registered HPCNA training facility for Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology and Psychological Counsellor Interns.

Uni-health (Pty) Ltd., identify, build and strengthen business collaborations and opportunities.

At Uni-health, we understand that change is not always easy. Our experts have industry specific skills stretching over 50 years and have been assisting companies of all sizes in their response to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success and positive employee experience our priority.

While focus on the company and its credo is crucial, incorporating the individual wellness of employees is key to managing, supporting and maintaining a healthy work environment.

On an individual level we connect employers and their employees with registered health care professionals to ensure that all wellness and mental health needs are  acknowledged, understood and addressed.

Our network consists of both out- patient and in-patient services.

Some Of Our Partners

Our Founders...

Charine Glen-Spyron

Executive Director

Clinical Psychologist

Verona Du Preez

Executive Director

Social Worker